Technical Analysis Courses

Technical Analysis Courses

Stock Trading & Technical Analysis Courses

  • Stock Trading Technique
  • Risk Capital | NSE | BSE
  • Supply & Demand
  • Gap Open | Technical Analysis Intro | Candles Vs Bars
  • Support and Resistance Psychology
  • Intraday Charts | MTF Charting
  • Risks Affecting Traders
  • Money management Rules
  • Case Study | Using Calculator
  • Entry Points - Where & How
  • Live Trading Scenarios
  • Double top and double bottom
  • Price Patterns (Flags , Pennants)
  • Technical Indicators ( MACD, ADX/DMI, William R%, Stochastics, Oscillators, Parabolic SAR, Bollinger Band , On Balance Volume, MFI etc…)
  • Identify & capture Trends using various technical indicators
  • Trading Strategies(Intra Day / Positional)
  • How to determine and set initial stop loss and profit targets
  • Portfolio management


  • MetaStock/Stockware/Investar
  • Training on Live Trading Plate forms (ODIN/NEAT)
  • Advisory/Research: AspiringTechnical Analysts
  • Investors / Jobbers / Traders
  • Fund Managers / Portfolio Managers
  • Individual Investors / High Networth Individuals / Housewives
  • Investment / Finance Professionals : MBA’s/ CFA’s / CA’s
  • Proper classroom training providing conceptual clarity of each IntraDay-TA  topic step by step.
  • Theory well supported by trading strategies and hands on practical training on softwares.
  • High quality question bank / quiz  for better understanding of topics.
  • Real life applications.

The candidate will learn how to :

  • Interpret charts of Futures,Stocks,Options and identify key Support & Resistance levels.
  • Master the basic concepts of momentum and understand its effect on price.
  • Use Price and Volume patterns and to identify breakouts.
  • Analyze peaks and troughs.
  • Interpret Moving Averages and analyze their impact.
  • Use state of art techniques such as candlestick charting to determine trends and reversal     patterns.

  Fee :  Rs. 10000/-   Duration: 1 Month.

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Technical Analysis Courses in Delhi

We bring technical analysis courses in Delhi with the objective of making students a capable technical analyst and day trader. Such courses are designed to improve trading and portfolio management skills of professionals. You can enroll in these sources to learn the ways of taking better trading decisions. You will learn market entry and exit timing together with boosting your risk management skills. By the time these courses get completed, you will be turned into a proficient short term trader.

Our technical analysis courses give students a wonderful opportunity to do technical analysis with the help of various tools and techniques. You will also become familiar with charting software and get in-depth knowledge of stock trading technique. The course curriculum will bring knowledge of Risk Capital | NSE | BSE and Supply & Demand. Trainees will better understand Intraday Charts | MTF Charting together with knowing Money management Rules. What’s more, they will get to experience Live Trading Scenarios to boost their understanding of the domain.

Our technical analysis courses help trainees use a variety of technical indicators to first identify and then capture trends. They will be imparted with the knowledge of different trading strategies (Intra-Day / Positional) together with gaining a peek into portfolio management. Apart from investors and traders, our courses are also helpful for those who aspire to be technical analysts. These courses are also beneficial for fund managers, portfolio managers and finance professionals such as MBAs, CAs or CFAs.

More so, our technical analysis courses in Delhi bring some key benefits to trainees as they bring a total conceptual clarity about topics involved in intraday trading. Together with theory, candidates can expect to get software for practical training and also the support of trading strategies. The best thing, trainees will get to do a real-life application of all knowledge and skills learned in these courses. They will leverage the latest techniques to predict trends and reversal patterns.

Furthermore, our technical analysis courses in Delhi help students interpret charts of stocks, options, and futures. Trainees can also analyze peaks and troughs with effortless ease together with using different price and volume patterns. In a way, these courses give in-depth information of the market and help students become the technical analyst and shape a flourishing career. So, come and benefit from the expertise of the Indian stock markets and let our courses help your chart a successful financial career.

Technical Analysis Courses will introduce the candidates to various tools and techniques of doing technical analysis. It will also explain the most commonly used charting softwares by providing a hands-on experience. The objective is to make you a proficient Technical Analyst and day trader and improve your Trading and Portfolio Management skills. This program helps you in taking better trading decisions.It improves market entry &exit timing , enhances risk management skills and makes you a successful short term trader.