Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Equity Fundamental Analysis is a unique course designed after keeping in mind the need to give practical exposure to the people who take a long term perspective for their investments.It gives a fair knowledge on how to pick the right stock for the portfolio after the careful analysis of the firm’s fundamentals as well as other qualitative and quantitative information.


Equity Research - An Introduction

  • Kind of research
  • Job of the Equity Research Analyst

Analysis of Economy

  • Stock Indexes and their calculation
  • Key economc drivers and their impact on analysis

Analysis of Industry & Company

Analysis of Financial Statements

Ratio Analysis

Credit analysis

Forecasting Techniques Valuation

  • Excel Techniques
  • Valuation models
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Training on Live Trading Plate forms (ODIN/NEAT/NOW)
  • NCFM – Fundamental Analysis Module
  • Advisory/Research: Aspiring Fundamental Analysts
  • Long term Investors
  • Investors / Jobbers / Traders
  • Fund Managers / Portfolio Managers
  • Individual Investors / High Networth Individuals / Housewives
  • Entrepreneurs wishing to start as Stock Brokers / Sub Brokers
  • Investment / Finance Professionals / MBA’s/ CFA’s / CA’s
  • Fundamental Analysis gives you core skill  for evaluating a company on the basis of its track record: sales, profits, dividends, products, management, etc., as well as the economic and industry outlook.
  • It clearly explains, with examples , all the analytical tools of economic, industry and company analysis, including ratios and cash flow. It shows you how to discover what actually lies behind the figures and notes in a company's annual report. And, how to calculate the intrinsic value of a share. This practice will help you make solid, consistent long-term profits.
  • Theory well supported by hands on practical training on Excel and examples.
  • Study  of Actual Stock Analysis reports based on actual data.

  Fee :  Rs. 9000/-   Duration: 1 Month.

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