Financial Markets Training in Delhi

Financial Markets Training in Delhi

We are here to help you realize the goal of becoming a financial analyst. We offer top-class or world-class financial markets training in Delhi and help prepare qualified analysts for the financial market of India. Our training focuses on topics from areas as wide as equity research, investment banking, asset valuation and portfolio management. What’s more, we understand the specific requirements of candidates and bring them customized the course for financial markets. The course content is designed to help produce a knowledgeable financial analyst.

Students can enroll in our financial markets training and get a chance to do the analysis of financial performance together with doing risk and return analysis. The training aims to enhance the understanding of financing structure and funding choices and gives candidates an opportunity to engage in evaluation of capital investment and project financing decisions. More so, students at us are provided with a chance to understand risk evaluation and mitigation that are part of capital investment decisions.

Furthermore, our financial markets training in Delhi enhances the understanding of corporate &financial restructuring. Candidates understand working capital management and they also get a detailed idea about the process and evaluation involved in financial budgeting. The course content is designed to let students get a better sense of transfer pricing decisions. They also get detailed knowledge about project financing and risk management. The course curriculum also sheds light on forex management with detailing the structure of the FX market.

In addition, our financial markets training in Delhi gives a peek into the working of market trading or lets students know how the market trades. Apart from understanding sports rates or FX prices, the training enables candidates to calculate simple values and read prices. Students get to understand cash and derivative markets and they learn risk management and risk replication. Our training combines practical and theory in right measures to make students an expert of the financial market.

In a nutshell, our financial markets training in Delhi brings a wonderful opportunity to help you realize your career goals in the market. We understand that every student has specific needs and that’s why we deliver customized financial market training to meet and exceed varied expectations. With us, you can plan and make a bright career in the financial market and become a key agent of change for the market. Our training is for you to become analysts and contribute to the financial market of India.

  • Financial Markets Training focuses on Analysis and Application of the various topics studied at Level 1 like Equity research, Investment banking, Asset Valuation ,Portfolio Management etc.Exam pattern is made of 20 vignettes (case studies) . Questions are objective in nature.
  • CFA Level 2 exams are held in June only every year.
  • There are 3 possible choices to answer a particular question.
  • We also offer customized Financial Market Courses in Delhi according to the needs of the candidates. The topics include

Financial Market Courses Content

Topic Areas

  1. Analysis of Financial Performance
  2. Risk and Return Analysis
  3. Financing Structure and Funding Choices
  4. Evaluating Capital Investment & Project Financing Decisions
  5. Risk Evaluation and Mitigation in Capital Investment Decisions
  6. Corporate & Financial Restructuring
  7. Working Capital Management
  8. Financial Budgeting – Process & Evaluation
  9. Responsibility Center Management & Transfer Pricing Decisions
  10. Corporate Finance Aspects for International Business
  11. Project Finance


Each topic area has one or more Learning Outcome Statements(LOS) that explain what you are supposed to learn from that topic area.

Forex Management
  • Structure of the FX market
  • How the market trades
  • Understanding FX prices - spot rates
  • Reading prices and calculating simple values
  • Calculating and understanding cross rates
  • Introduction to FX forwards
  • Interaction between cash and derivative markets
  • Key uses of derivatives - risk management and risk replication
  • OTC and exchange-traded derivatives
  • Impact of legislation such as EMIR and Dodd-Frank
  • Review of currency forwards


Key features of Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Topic Tests
  • Mock Exams
Fee :  Rs. 15000/                                                                                                                       Duration: 3.5 Months.

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