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MS-Excel 2007 for Financial Analysts

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Opening Templates, Closing Workbooks
  • Cell styles and Themes
  • Excel Customizations Subtotal Tricks
  • Pivot tables & Calculations
  • AdHoc Querries
  • Charting & Smart art
  • Formulas Macros

  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Advisory/Research: Aspiring Fundamental Analysts
  • Long term Investors
  • Investors / Jobbers / Traders
  • Fund Managers / Portfolio Managers
  • Individual Investors / High Networth Individuals / Housewives
  • Entrepreneurs wishing to start as Stock Brokers / Sub Brokers
  • Investment / Finance Professionals / MBA’s/ CFA’s / CA’s

  Fee :  Rs. 4000/   Duration: 2 Weeks.

Equity Research Institutes in Delhi

To start a career as a financial analyst, first of all, you will need to enroll at one of well-known equity research institutes in Delhi. There, you will learn about building financial models, valuing entities and creating equity research reports. We have designed a course that boosts career prospects by bringing in-depth knowledge of finance and financial markets. From analyzing financial statements to creating Excel financial models to writing research reports, you will learn all to make a rewarding career as a financial analyst.

We are one of top equity research institutes in Delhi where you get a career-boosting course and ample of skills to do justice to the role of a financial analyst. The enrollment gives you a chance to become a confident financial analyst and put your career on a right track. Along the way, you will learn Excel techniques to do investment analysis in a standard manner. You will understand how capital market works and this will broaden your perspective.

Since we rank among top equity research institutes in Delhi, we know what it takes to boost your knowledge and confidence together by bringing you high-quality course material and learning resources. We enhance your understanding of equity investments and will show what equity research analysts are expected to do in the market. Similarly, our courses are designed to help you learn financial analysis using Microsoft Excel. Students are given complete knowledge about equity research and career roadmap.

In addition, our courses give a peek into equity and investment world and along the way, impart knowledge about how capital market works. We are one of top equity research institutes in Delhi and we impart an understanding of analyzing annual reports in detail. More so, professionals with an aim to join financial markets can learn the ways of doing company and industry analysis in detail. Our course also teaches how to take help of financial statements and do financial ratio analysis.

So, you can join us as we feature among top equity research institutes in Delhi and we shape careers and produce quality and knowledgeable financial experts. We help you understand forecasting techniques and the ways of preparing revenue models. You also get familiarity with writing detailed equity research reports with ease. In overall, you can join us and give your financial analyst career a big boost. We have all that it takes to give your career an edge through top-notch skills and practical knowledge.

MS Excel 2007 is most useful tool for Finance Professionals especially Fundamental Equity Research Institutes.You will master the powerful techniques of Excel 2007 to be used in your analysis.This is a total practical way to cover new features of Excel 2007 which you can utilize to build complex Financial Spreadsheets in your own way.